1.    Working Conditions for TV50Tube Ice Machine:
Working conditions for TV50
Relative humidity 85%
Power supply 415V, 50Hz, 3P
Refrigerant R404a
Compressor type  Semi-hermetic piston compressor
Temperature Requirement
Evaporating temp. -10 
Condenser temp. +40
Input water temp. 21
Ambient temp. 25
2.    Performance Parameters for TV50 Tube Ice Machine:
Basic Information
1 Daily output 5 tons (5,000kg) / day
2 Weight About 1,600 kg
3 Refrigerant R404a
4 Control system PLC micro-computer control
5 Tube ice weight density 500~550kg/m3
6 Material of framework structure Stainless steel 304
7 Ice cutter power 0.75KW
8 Cooling way Air cooler condenser
9 Tube ice machine size 1790mm x 1020mm x 2450mm
Compressor Unit
1 Model Semi-hermetic piston compressor
2 Brand name  'Bock HGX6/1240-4                            Bitzer 4GE-23Y
3 Power 25HP
4 Refrigeration capacity 116.5KW
Air cooling Condenser
1 Air cooling condenser model FNV-107/300
2 Quantity 1 set
3 Heat exchange power 108KW
4 Heat exchange area 300m2
5 Air volume 2 x 19000m3/h
6 Power 2 x 1.1KW
7 Diameter of inlet tube 35mm
8 Diameter of outlet tube 25mm
Evaporator Unit
1 Type Tube type
2 Quantity 1 PCS
3 Material Seamless stainless steel 304 tube
4 Tube ice size 21mm in diameter x 28mm in length
28mm in diameter x 36mm in length
34mm in diameter x 45mm in length
** The above parameters can be subject to changed according to technical needs without notice.
 3.    Main Component List of Tube Ice Machine:
Item Name of Components Brand Name Original Country
1 Compressor GEA  BOCK Germany
BITZER Germany
2 PLC program control SIEMENS Germany
3 Touch Sceen Weikon China
4 Electrical components LS South Korea
5 Expansion valve DANFOSS Denmark
6 Solenoid valve DANFOSS Denmark
8 Air cooling condenser GX China
9 Circulating water pump DN China
10 Phase protector Carlo Gavazzi Italy
11 Sight glass DANFOSS Denmark
12 Pressure controller DANFOSS Denmark